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Rent To Own Properties or 1 Year Rental
Let Us Show You How You Can Own Your Home

If you're like most people, you dream about buying a nice home in a nice neighborhood. Well, here's your chance to make your dream come true! If you can afford a reasonable down payment and monthly payments, you could easily qualify for one of our exciting home purchase programs!

For as little as $1,000 down we will finance our homes and GIVE YOU A DEED!! If you have not owned a home within 3 years we will help you refile your 2008 tax return and receive a  check equal to 10% of home purchase price (max $8,000) and use that money to complete your downpayment. This is part of the stimulus package and does not need to be paid back!!
If you do not qualify for the stimulus, we can still finance a home for you and get you the deed!!


Good, Bad or Ugly Credit is OK!
Perhaps one of these situations applies to you: self-employed, short job history, past or present financial problems. Don't worry, these problems don't scare us!

We Are NOT Realtors®
Sells Properties is not a real estate agency and is not associated with one. Unlike Realtors®, we have a financial interest in the properties we sell, so we are much easier to work with and are very flexible on terms.

If you do not qualify for the government program or need more time to come up with the down payment our easy-qualifying Rent-to-Own Program moves you in today with a reasonable down payment and affordable monthly payments. We will work to help you qualify for traditional financing later!

Our Dream Homeownership Program requires no bank financing and gives you all the benefits of home ownership! Enjoy immediate occupancy, tax breaks, and the pride of owning your own home! We are putting the details together now and can already talk to you about it. Feel free to call.

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