What is needed for the application?
Drivers License or Identification Card,
1 Months worth of check stubs,
Bank Statement showing direct deposits
All applicants over 18 Must Apply

Do we Take Section 8?
No we do not

Do we accept pets?

We do, we have a maximum of 2 pets but have certain breed
restrictions due to insurance. Duplexs and apartments that
we rent do not accept pets.

How much is the deposit?

Our Deposits match the rent with approved applications
with valid verifiable rental and work history. If you do not have valid
rental history and work credentials we can still consider you as a tenant and will
discuss further options with an increased deposit.

Do you pro-rate if I move in during the middle of the month?

We pro-rate your second month, you will pay the first full
month and deposit to move in then your second month will be

Example: Rent is $800.00 per month and you move in
on the 10th of the month. In your second month your rent due would be $533.00 owed.

Hold Money to hold a house

Hold money and move in funds must be paid in certifed funds.
We cannot accept checks until after your second month.
Hold Money is also Non-Refundable and we can only hold for up to two weeks

First Last and Security Explanation

If you are approved without Valid Verifiable Rental history then you would be First, Last and Security.
What this means is that you will be responsible for 3 times the rent charge up front.

This is how that looks for a $600 house:
First Month: $600.00 (first 30 days of occupancy)
Last month/12th Month $600.00 (this can be used at your 12th Month)
Security Deposit $600.00 (this is held until you vacate for damages)
Total to move in would be $1800.00