When is Rent Due?

Rent is due on the 1st of the month and late after the 5th. On the 6th we charge a 10% Late fee on what is owed.
If you are a new move in your second month pro rate is due 30 days from when you moved in.

Can I pay my rent online?
YES – login to your Tenant Portal to make an online payment. E-Check is the free option if you choose to pay with a credit or debit card there is a processing fee that we do not control.

What Happens if my Payment Bounces?

If your payment is returned for any reason, then you will owe rent PLUS late fee (10% of monthly rent) PLUS $35 NSF fee. Late rent and fees must be paid with cashier’s check or money order. And, all future payments must be paid with certified funds.

Can a friend move in with me?

No. Anyone who will be living at the house must be on the lease. All new tenants must be approved before they can move in.

What if I want to move out but another person on the lease wants to stay?

The tenant that is staying must show that they can financially afford the home. The tenant that is leaving must pay a month for the end of the lease.

Can I use my deposit to pay rent?

No Security Deposits are held until move out. If you are moving and do not pay you will be subject to court filing.

What happens if I cannot pay my rent on time?

You should contact our office as soon as you know your rent will not be on time. When you pay rent late:

You will be charged a late fee and receive a late notice
If rent continues unpaid then you will receive a 3 Day Notice (pay now or quit)
Court filing if it remains unpaid 3 days from the 3 day notice

Tenant Forms and Communication
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