Tenant Responsibilities
Your lease provides details about who is responsible for what maintenance. Tenants are also responsible for any repairs that are the result of neglect, misuse, and/or damage. 
Tenants responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Changing light bulbs
Changing furnace and AC filters (once per month to avoid charge)
Resetting breakers and GFI switches
Replacing batteries in smoke detectors (you can pick the battery up from office)
Removing weeds, watering plants and trees, and performing yard maintenance
Unclogging toilets
Making sure garage door sensors are aligned
Pest control
If we get called for these issues you could result in a charge on your account.

Emergencies are very rare. Having no heat/air is an emergency only during extreme heat or cold.  Gas and water leaks should be reported directly to the utility companies, then call us. A fire is an emergency. Call 911 then call us. If you have a request during non-business hours please place a work order through the portal and we will check it accordingly.

Things that are NOT emergencies:  no hot water; a broken appliance,
leaking toilet (turn off water to leaking toilet)

How do I submit a work order?

All work requests must be submitted through the Tenant Portal.

How long before my work order is done?

All repair requests are addressed and assigned to maintenance within two business days. Repair time depends on what needs to be done.
Minor plumbing repairs are generally scheduled within 24 hours.
Appliance repairs can take up to a week.
If a repair is expensive and requires an owner’s permission, then it may take two or more weeks to complete the repair.
Repairs that are not health or safety related may be scheduled after a tenant moves out.

Repair and Maintenence FAQ