Before you apply please read the following:

1. Bring home 3x's the amount of rent monthly and provide proof of income.

2. Have verifiable rental history (if not doesn't mean you aren't qualified we may require a higher deposit) We check for filings by a landlord (with or without evictions)

3. Have verifiable employment and a Minimum of 6 months on your job.

4. Be ready to move within a two week time frame we will only hold a house for 2 weeks with deposit and approved Application

5. We do not check credit scores but check for bankruptcy and landlord filings and current judgements against you.

6. 35 dollar app fee is non refundable but covers all parties that will be on the same lease. Please fill out first application and pay the fee on the next one skip the fee to complete. 

7. Falsification of your application will result in automatic denial and future denial.

8. All pets must be approved, and it is a maximum of no more than two pets. A pet deposit and pet rent will apply. Please send a photo and breed and age info to our email prior to applying for approval.

9. All applicants are approved first, last & security
Highly qualified applicants may be able to waive the last month rent requirement.

Here is how First, Last Security Works on a $800 per month house:

First month rent: $800.00 (covers first 30 days in home)
Security Deposit: $800.00 (held until house is vacated)
Last month Rent: $800.00 (can be used in 12th month of occupancy with good payment record)
Total due by move in: $2400.00

10. Pro-rate Explanation:
If you move in any day other than the first of the month your second month rent is pro-rated. For example:
Move in October 15 (rent is $800)
You pay full rent and deposit. On November 15th you are due $400.00 for the remainder of November and then regular rent begins on December 1st.

We do not accept section 8